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After suffering a loss, make sure everyone is safe. Report the loss to your insurance company and speak with Buffalo Public Adjusters to understand the next steps. We can help you properly report the loss and initiate temporary repairs, including boarding up broken windows/doors and covering openings in the roof. You will also want to find a safe place for you and your family to stay – we can help with that too! Most insurance policies provide coverage for these expenses.

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Meeting with Buffalo Public Adjusters early in the claims process is essential, the consultation is free, and we provide a wealth of information. Once retained as your advocate, we guide you through early discussions with the insurance company. We will help you make the best decisions and take proper action, particularly early in the claims process when decisions have long-lasting ramifications on the outcome of the claim.

step 3


A collaborative claims process where we compile a detailed and well-documented evaluation of your damages. How these damages are reported and presented to the insurance company dictates the outcome of the claim settlement. Buffalo Public Adjusters carefully inspects your premises to thoroughly capture, evaluate, and document damages to get the most coverage from your policy.

step 4


Negotiations and damage evaluation start with the first communication with the insurance company representatives and occurs throughout the life of the claim. It is often a challenging and stressful process. Our team consists of experienced, knowledgeable advocates dedicated to helping you navigate conversations with the insurance company and guiding you through the entire recovery process.

step 5


There are several coverages and aspects to every claim that can settle individually or altogether. We track these individual components, prepare the necessary paperwork in a timely fashion, and review all settlements and offers with you before accepting them. In addition to ensuring you receive accurate payments, we provide guidance, advice, and advocacy throughout the recovery process.