A Public Adjuster is an insurance Adjuster that the policyholder hires as an expert to represent them in their insurance claim. Insurance Company Adjusters (Staff Adjusters) represent their employer, the insurance company. While bound ethically to handle claims reasonably, these Adjusters also need to control claims payouts to support their employer’s profitability.

You should always consult with a Public Adjuster whenever you have an insurance loss. They will advise you on how to proceed, steps to take, and general knowledge regarding your type of claim. Quality Public Adjusters will let you know when their representation can add value. You should hire Buffalo Public Adjusters when this is the case, as they can document and present an incredibly detailed claim.

In most situations, hiring a Public Adjuster immediately after you suffer a loss will achieve the maximum settlement. Decisions made early in the faq claims process can have an extreme effect on the settlement process, timeline and recovery dollars. You will feel more confident and less anxious having Buffalo Public Adjusters on your side guiding you through the process.

Yes, you can; however, it is essential to realize that the adjuster assigned by the insurance company works for them, not you. Unfortunately, these days insurance company Adjusters are often overworked and underpaid. They often lack the knowledge needed to handle complex, large claims. It would be best if you did not put your future in the hands of an Adjuster that has no incentive to maximize your settlement and secure your future.

An Insurance Agent serves a valuable function by determining your coverage needs, writing policies, and servicing your account. When it comes to claims, an agent’s job function ends as Insurance Companies have claims personnel to handle its claims functions. As faq your agent represents the insurance company, they cannot represent you and do not possess the knowledge required to intervene and assist in claims benefits determinations.

Public Adjusters charge on a contingency basis. Usually, it is a small percentage of your claim’s settlement, typically 10% or less. They earn this fee by handling all aspects of your claims process. By documenting your claim extensively, they can present your claim to your carrier, ultimately raising your settlement. You can feel confident that an expert is advocating for you and your family, not the insurance company.

It is always optimal to hire a Public Adjuster from the beginning of your claim. However, many people turn to Public Adjusters after giving their insurance company “a chance”. While a Public Adjuster can still help, usually, the results are not as good as if they were hired early on in the faq process. A Public Adjuster may also act as an Appraiser or Umpire in your claims process. You should contact Buffalo Public Adjusters for advice and guidance if you are in this situation.

Buffalo Public Adjusters is a locally owned and operated firm with more than 100 years of insurance experience by its members. Our Adjusters left the large firm “claim factories” where you are just a file number to bring their passion to their community on a more personal level. Highly regarded by industry peers, BPA has the skills and expertise to help you and your family through their recovery.