House Fire Do's

House Fire

Report your loss

To the insurance company promptly. Be sure to record the date/time, who you spoke to, and the claim number. Always ask for a confirmation via e-mail or writing that you submitted the claim.

Save every receipt

For purchases you make, starting immediately after your loss. Write down the items on the back of the receipt (i.e., winter jacket) as receipt descriptions are not detailed and are often abbreviated.

Hire a professional company

To secure your property from further damages – your policy requires this. They will help limit any liability you may have as well as prevent further damage caused by inclement weather.

Keep track of extra expenses

You incur due to the loss. People often forget that items such as extra mileage to/from work, pet boarding, laundry and increased utility costs can be included in the claim.

If you can safely

Remove valuables, gather money, jewelry, and credit cards, drivers’ licenses, social security cards, and checkbooks.

Call Buffalo Public Adjusters

For a no-obligation consultation on your insurance claim. Our experts can give sound advice and answer questions you may have. You’ll come out of the meeting more knowledgeable and better prepared for the insurance claims process.

House Fire Don'ts

Enter the property

Unless approved to do so by the fire department or building inspector. Be careful when entering a damaged home as ceilings may fall, objects can move, and lighting may not be good.

Let a mitigation

Company or contractor start removing items for “cleaning” or start working on repairs before getting quotes in writing and doing your due diligence on the company. Doing so my waste your insurance funds or jeopardize the claim.

Consume any food

Beverage, or medication that has been exposed to heat, smoke, soot, or water. Take medications to your doctor/pharmacy for replacement.

Remove general contents

Of your home such as TV’s, electronics, and clothing. These items are likely damaged and may need to be evaluated by the insurance company.

Go near the origin

Of the fire (where the fire appears to have started). The insurance company will likely send out their investigator. Disturbing the scene can interfere with a proper investigation and can jeopardize claim/settlement monies.

Go through the insurance

Claims process without Buffalo Public Adjusters advocating on your side. Let us Build You a better Claims Experience that secures your future and collects all you are entitled to recover.